June 2, 2015

Best of the Week: Two Walkmen, Elephant 6 and a DJ Doc Premiere


This week brings to town some of our favorite artists and personalities from yesteryear who have reemerged, reinvented themselves or just plain survived through various iterations. In addition to great shows from bands you’ve quite likely obsessed over for the past decade, this week sees the premier of the Marco Collins documentary, The Glamour & The Squalor. Keep on scrolling for our top picks and videos below.

6/2 (Tuesday) Josh Rouse, Walter Martin of The Walkmen @ Tractor – 8:00pm

Fans of straightforward, folk-infused pop songs will delight in Rouse’s return to form with his most introspective album to date

6/3 (Wednesday) The Glamour & The Squalor Premiere Party featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot, Cataldo, Hobosexual , Ayron Jones, Ruler and hosted by Adra Boo @ Neumos – 8:30pm 

The premier of the documentary profiling the “rise, fall and reemergence” of the legendary Seattle radio personality, Marco Collins

6/4 (Thursday) Neutral Milk Hotel, Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stero, The Minders @ The Paramount Theatre – 8:00pm

Heart-wrenchingly beautiful experimental-folk masterpieces from Elephant 6 Collective favorites

6/5 (Friday) Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen, Jack & Eliza @ Tractor Tavern – 8:00pm

The Walkmen frontman builds on the band’s experimentation with a surprisingly fresh homage to the era of Frank Sinatra 

May 11, 2015

There Are Plenty of Great Shows in Town This Week, These Are the 5 Greatest


Sometimes we struggle to come up with a decent handful of great shows to highlight. This was not one of those weeks. From old favorites like The Cave Singers to relatively recent obsessions like the Other Lives to newly formed collaborations like Unlikely Friends, this week brings a variety of great live music options to town.

As always, keep on scrolling for this week’s recommendations and videos. Head over to our calendar for a look further down the line.

5/12 (Tuesday) Other Lives, Riothorse Royale @ Neumos – 8:00pm

With rich harmonies and dramatic crescendos, Other Lives bring their atmospheric and arresting melodies to Capitol Hill

5/14 (Thursday) Little Big Show #12: Cloud Nothings, Tacocat, Chastity Belt @ Neptune Theatre – 8:00pm

The fast-paced, pop-infused, lo-fi punk of Cloud Nothings joins up with a pair of surfy and witty, girl-fronted Seattle bands to play a benefit show (…you know, for kids)

5/15 (Friday) Early Show -> Colonies, Lemolo, Spirit Award @ Barboza – 7:00pm

Combining a compellingly weary ambiance with an early DCFC-inspired lyricism, Tacoma’s Colonies headline a show with some Seattle favorites

5/15 (Friday) The Cave Singers, Case Studies @ The Tractor Tavern – 9:00pm

Seattle’s favorite driving, rustic folk trio play a second night at the Tractor, this time with Jesse Lortz of the Dutchess & the Duke

5/16 (Saturday) Brite Lines, The Weather, Unlikely Friends @ Crocodile – 8:00pm

A great mixed bag of indie Americana, indie pop and quirky power pop from Seattle

March 31, 2015

Only the Best: 5 Seattle Shows You’ll (Probably) Love this Week


A new week, another chance to see some exceptional live music. You could also wind up at some pretty lame shows.

Luckily we’re looking out for you.

Here are the five very best in our (virtual, WordPress-hosted) book.

3/31 (Tuesday) The Helio Sequence [acoustic show] @ The Triple Door

The Portland-based duo bring their expertly crafted, often haunting, usually beautiful songs to life without plugging in

4/1 (Wednesday) Jeff The Brotherhood, Bully @ The Crocodile

The Nashville brothers bring their psychedelic-tinted garage rock to town following a recent label split

4/2 (Thursday) Jeremy Enigk, Jen Wood, Mark Nichols and the Everexpanding Experience Machine @ Neumos

The former Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft frontman and accomplished solo artist returns to Capitol Hill on a great bill

4/3 (Friday) Ages & Ages, Zebra Hunt + Ruler @ Barboza

The perfect Friday evening of upbeat indie singalongs from PDX prefaced by minimal pop from SEA 

4/4 (Saturday) La Luz, Will Sprott, The Shivas @ Neumos

A PacNW showcase culminating with Seattle’s finest harmonic, surf-tinged garage pop quartet 

March 25, 2015

5 Best of the (Rest of the) Week [3/25]


OK, so it’s Wednesday and we’re just now getting our weekly recs up. Sorry about that.

Long story short, we’re no longer on speaking terms with our snooze alarm.

In good news, we’re happy to report the best of the week is still to come. This week brings some of our favorite new and old, local and beyond musicians to some of Seattle’s best venues.

Without further ado, here are the five best shows to come this week.

3/25 (Wednesday) From Indian Lakes, The Soil And The Sun, Lemolo, Roman Citizen @ Vera Project

Pensive, dreamy (and only very occasionally screamy) indie rock from just outside of Yosemite National Park

3/26 (Thursday) Cataldo, Chris Staples, Valley Maker @ Barboza

A trio of local favorites team up for a bill filled with smart lyrics and beautiful instrumentation

3/27 (Friday) Of Montreal, Yip Deceiver @ Neumos

Sonically adventurous and usually danceable synth-driven indie rock from Athens

3/28 (Saturday) Public Service Broadcasting, The Spider Ferns @ Barboza

Inventive duo from London combining driving instrumentality, spoken word clips and impressive visual displays

3/29 (Sunday) Slow Bird, Velvet Teen, Hot Victory @ Barboza

Female-fronted melodic rock from some of Seattle’s finest musicians


March 16, 2015

Best Live Music of the Week: Tycho, Pickwick and more [Week of 3/16]


At first glance this week seemed to be sorely lacking in good shows. However, with a little digging, we uncovered some gems for the most discerning of Emerald City music fans. We’re pleased to recommend some pretty intimate shows this week as well, with the largest venue being the Showbox SoDo, so you can get up close and personal with some great artists this week.

And, if it was a competition to see which venue can book the greatest number of recommendable shows for the week, we’d give the trophy to Sunset Tavern, one of our favorite little Ballard venues, as its calendar is looking pretty great this week!

3/18 (Wednesday) Tycho @ Showbox SoDo

Downtempo, ambient chillwave from San Fran where each song feels like floating through a new dream sequence.

3/18 (Wednesday) Specters, Retirement, Fruit Juice @ Sunset Tavern

Local artists who describe their music as “90s rock 4 luvrs.”

3/19 (Thursday) Black Apples, Black Whales, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Cabana @ Sunset Tavern

Garage pop from LA with a sprinkling of surf.

3/20 (Friday) Hurray for the Riff Raff @ The Crocodile

Knee-slapping Appalachian mountain music from a Puerto Rican virtuoso.

3/20 (Friday) Pickwick, Bardo @ Sunset Tavern

Local indie soul-revival heroes perform at the Budtender’s Ball with free entry with an RSVP.

March 9, 2015

The Phoenix Rises: Chop Suey Reopens Amid Week of Great Live Music [Week of 3/9]


Emerald City dwellers, rejoice! After a week chock full of great musical options, our recommendations culminate with the Grand Reopening of Chop Suey in Capitol Hill! We can’t wait to find out if the new owners have stayed true to the original vibe of the venue, but based on the debut lineup, we think the Chop Suey will maintain its superbly gritty underground live music reputation.

The show is already sold out, however. But if you can’t finagle a ticket to the Chop Suey Reopening, you can’t go wrong with any of the other shows we recommend this week.

3/10 (Tuesday) Cumulus, Chris Staples @ Fremont Abbey

Unassuming but outstandingly talented singer/songwriter from Florida joins Cumulus for an intimate evening at the Abbey.

3/12 (Thursday) Tweedy @ Neptune Theatre

Wilco’s engaging frontman and principle songwriter hits the road with his firstborn son. The cherry on top is this star-studded music video.

3/12 (Thursday) Beardyman @ Nectar

We are forever grateful to a guy from Best Buy’s GeekSquad for making us aware of this beatboxer/DJ extraordinaire who rose from YouTube fandom to now doing TED Talks.

3/13 (Friday) Dead Moon, Girl Trouble @ Chop Suey

The eclectic, historical and recently shuttered Capitol Hill venue is rising from the ashes after its brief but weighty hiatus. 

February 23, 2015

Something for Everyone: Best Live Music in Seattle [week of 2/23]


One of the best things about living in the Emerald City is the fact that on any given night there’s usually music to fit any fancy, and today’s post is further proof. From folksy singer-songwriter tunes, to electro-dance mashups, to local grunge-metal, our recommendations run the gamut this week.

2/24 (Tuesday) Brett Harris, Kevin Murphy @ Sunset Tavern

Member of Big Star’s Third and solo artist joins forces with the Moondoggies frontman for an evening of downtempo indie rock.

2/27 (Friday) Kawehi @ Barboza

A talented vocalist, a keyboard, and some great looping gear = skillful and spritely dance (re)mixes.

2/28 (Saturday) Sandrider, Kinski @ Neumos

Easily one of the best metal bands in the PacNW these days, and one of our Bumbershoot faves.

February 9, 2015

Feel the Love: Best Concerts of the Week [Feb. 9]


Valentine’s Day week is upon us, and we suggest a non-traditional celebration for you (and your significant other, if you have one). Skip the expected chocolates and roses and instead opt for a memorable evening taking in some great music with a couple Heinekens. There are plenty of good options this week, whether you want to celebrate with a sweetheart or go solo.

2/10 (Tuesday) Dr. Dog, Hanni El-Khatib @ The Showbox

Philly’s finest bring their unique brand of lo-fi, 60s-infused indie pop to The Showbox.

2/13 (Friday) Billy Idol @ The Paramount

1980’s British pop icon is back with more blonde hair and a brand new album.

2/14 (Saturday) Hozier @ The Paramount

The Irish-born singer songwriter has taken the world by storm with his heavy and soulful ballads.

2/15 (Sunday) Cursive @ Neumos

Critically acclaimed indie rock heroes with clever lyrics and turn of the millennium (in a good way) sensibilities. 

January 19, 2015

Weekly Best Bets: Seattle Concerts for the Week of 1/19


This is a big week for music in our little corner of the country. Just as we wipe the tears from our eyes from the farewell show at Chop Suey, we’re reminded that Seattle’s music scene is still very much alive and well. This week kicks off with a set from punk’s poet laureate Patti Smith. As if that wasn’t enough musical prowess so early in the week, that show is followed by a (pre-announed but still) surprise club show from Seattle’s claim-to-indie-fame Death Cab for Cutie. After a couple days to recover from all that musical goodness, we wrap the week with a set from Portland’s Loch Lomond opening for another legendary group, The Vaselines.

Does it really get much better than this?

1/19 (Monday) Patti Smith @ The Moore

Female punk rock legend who infuses personal, artful lyrics and commanding rock melodies.

1/20 (Tuesday) Death Cab for Cutie, Say Hi @ The Crocodile

Seattle indie rock superstars surprise fans with an intimate club show supported by fellow Seattle indie artist Say Hi.

1/24 (Saturday) The Vaselines, Loch Lomond @ Neumos

Portland’s whimsical indie artists Loch Lomond opens for Scottish alt-rock darlings.

January 16, 2015

Have Weekend Plans? Seattle’s Can’t Miss Music for 1/17 & 1/18


Inevitably after the rush of the holidays there’s a lull in the city. We all need a few days to catch our breaths, remember what it’s like to wake up early for work, and think of creative ways to work off the extra calories we’ve consumed in Christmas cocktails cookies. The music scene tends to fall into a lull as well, knowing full well that music fans will be distracted with merry making outside the music venues.

The good news is that we’ve all made it through the lull and the Emerald City music scene is stirring from its slumber in preparation of the spring tour season. Take, for example, this weekend’s stellar lineup.

1/17 (Saturday) Laura Gibson, Valley Maker @ Fremont Abbey Arts

Portland’s favorite songstress teams up with Seattle’s Valley Maker for a mellow, moving night of deeply personal and gorgeously crafted indie folk.

1/18 (Sunday) Another One Bites the Dust: TacocaT, Pony Time, Kithkin, Chastity Belt @ Chop Suey

Bid adieu to the one, the only, Chop Suey in Capitol Hill with a farewell bash that is sure to go down in Seattle music history. (And say a little prayer that the venue will be back in some form or another in the near future!)


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