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January 11, 2011

It All Starts On 1.11.11


If you’re anything like us, it sometimes takes a bit of external motivation to get you out and about during these, the darkest and dreariest months. And if you’re also like us in that you call Seattle home, you know all too well these dreary months last all too long.

While the promise of world-class caffeinated beverages can no doubt get thte city into a mellow state of overdrive, it’s really the promise of world-class music that gets many of us to leave our front doors in the first place.If you are the type of Seattlite motivated by the latter of these two stimulants, then SEA live MUSIC is your new daily fix.

On this site (and on our Twitter feed) you’ll find daily recommendations, interviews and more on the best musicians playing in our beloved city in the very near future. By combing through calendars, previews and general pontifications from our music writing brethren, we’re pleased to highlight the best of everything the Seattle scene has to offer.

Join us tomorrow and the next day and the next day for our daily picks and more.


The SEA live MUSIC Team

(Photo by jackthfc)

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