Grand Archives to Gently Rock The Croc Tonight

There are very few situations in life that better illustrate the ole “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” lesson than bands splitting up.

Any story that involves founding members of successful bands leaving their groups that continue on after they leave rarely ends well. More often than not, it seems the original band’s new material lacks that special je nai sais quoi that it once had with the original lineup.  And the departing member is rarely able to cobble together a secondary act that demands the same level of respect as the first.

Though that may be the case, there seem to be far more examples of departing members going on to achieve great things than there are examples of bands thriving without a founding member (poor Pete Best of The Beatles comes to mind as the exception).

In our book, Mat Brooke lands on that relatively short list of musicians able to establish a second band of note after leaving his first. While Grand Archives will likely never reach Band of Horses’ level of success, Brooke’s second act continues to amass accolades and fans alike with their harmony rich, low key folk. Fans of kindred spirits Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket and Brooke’s early work with Band of Horses will no doubt enjoy Grand Archives’ set at the Croc tonight. 

1/15 at The Crocodile: Grand Archives, Feral Children and Astronautalis / $10 adv / 8pm / 21+

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