Get There Early: Pepper Rabbit at Neumos Tonight

For those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, you’ll likely remember that our very first preview pointed to a show by Seattle’s own Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. While a lot may have changed in that huge expanse of time, our love for orchestral pop has only grown stronger. Tell us about a band that feature trumpets, ukulele, pump organ and/or other “weird” instrumentation and you’ve got our attention. 

As you might imagine, we’re big fans of tonight’s Neumos openers Pepper Rabbit. Combining just about everything we like (haunting vocals, diverse instrumentation, unexpected hooks), the band brings to mind some of our favorite bands ranging from Sea Wolf to Beirut to Pale Young Gentlemen.

Head to Neumos tonight to see the band for yourself.

1/27 at Neumos :: Ra Ra Riot :: Givers:: Pepper Rabbit :: 8:30 :: SOLD OUT

3 Responses to “Get There Early: Pepper Rabbit at Neumos Tonight”

  1. Thanks for the reco… I made sure to get there early enough to catch PR. They were great! Not as good live as their studio stuff, I thought… they wound up reminiding me more of Animal Collective with lots of loud, electronic, ethereal layers (which I like too), rather than the sweet, tempered mix of horns, strings, drums and vox that comes across here. They said they have a new album coming out this spring! Oh, and R3 was awesome… they definitely know how to put on a live show!


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