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January 19, 2011

Bring Your Dancing Shoes: PonyHomie Opening Tonight at Neumos

Yesterday, we featured Guster – a band squarely on the mainstream radar. Today, we’re featuring a local band on the opposite end of the spectrum. PonyHomie has only recently become a name recognized in the Seattle underground scene, but they are one of Seattle’s best up-and-coming dance-inducing bands. With eerie vocal effects, sparkly synth and tousled bass riffs, you won’t be able to keep from moving with the music.

PonyHomie isn’t letting their “new kid on the block” status keep them down, either. After being denied an invite to play a set at SXSW, they teamed up with bands Mason Reed, Backdrifter and Jake Nannery to raise funds to crash the party and trail-blaze their way to the SXSW spotlight. (If you are interested in sponsoring these bands and turning their SXSW aspirations into reality, you can pledge a donation at their Kickstarter page.)

PonyHomie is opening for MK Speed Dial, White China Gold and Secret Shoppers tonight at Neumos. If you can’t make it tonight, they are also headlining their own show at Chop Suey on January 30. We’ve posted our favorite songs from their demo album below for your listening pleasure.

1/19 at Neumos :: MK Speed Dial, White China Gold, Secret Shoppers, PonyHomie :: Doors at 8pm :: $8 at the door :: 21+

January 18, 2011

Unexpectedly Aging Like a Fine Wine, Guster Brings Their 20-Year-Old Act to The Moore Tonight


Guster has come a long way since their freshmen year founding at Tufts University in 1991. Since their early days producing acoustic sing-alongs with off-key vocals and instrumentation sure to delight the jam band-adoring masses, the trio turned quartet has embraced their love of 60’s harmonies with drastically improved vocals and polished arrangements. 

The band has grown from an acoustic trio exclusively adored by Phish and DMB fans to a group who produce some of the most compelling, intelligently written songs heard on mainstream radio rock today.

Head to The Moore tonight to hear the best from the band’s catalogue with at least a few from their latest October 2010 release Easy Wonderful.

1/18 at The Moore: Guster, Good Old War – 7:30pm – $27

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January 17, 2011

This Week’s Best Bets

With the majority of venues observing MLK Jr Day, there aren’t a ton of live music options to choose from this evening. With the quiter night nearly upon us, we recommend taking some time to check out our calendar to see our recommended shows for the week ahead.


A photo of this week’s best bet band who will be headlining the Tractor on Thursday (1/19).

January 15, 2011

Grand Archives to Gently Rock The Croc Tonight

There are very few situations in life that better illustrate the ole “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” lesson than bands splitting up.

Any story that involves founding members of successful bands leaving their groups that continue on after they leave rarely ends well. More often than not, it seems the original band’s new material lacks that special je nai sais quoi that it once had with the original lineup.  And the departing member is rarely able to cobble together a secondary act that demands the same level of respect as the first.

Though that may be the case, there seem to be far more examples of departing members going on to achieve great things than there are examples of bands thriving without a founding member (poor Pete Best of The Beatles comes to mind as the exception).

In our book, Mat Brooke lands on that relatively short list of musicians able to establish a second band of note after leaving his first. While Grand Archives will likely never reach Band of Horses’ level of success, Brooke’s second act continues to amass accolades and fans alike with their harmony rich, low key folk. Fans of kindred spirits Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket and Brooke’s early work with Band of Horses will no doubt enjoy Grand Archives’ set at the Croc tonight. 

1/15 at The Crocodile: Grand Archives, Feral Children and Astronautalis / $10 adv / 8pm / 21+

January 14, 2011

NW Music at its Best: The Head and The Heart Headline Neumos Tonight

They’ve come a long ways since open mic nights. They just signed with SubPop records. NPR pondered if they are perhaps Seattle’s “next big band.” All things considered, The Head and The Heart really doesn’t need an introduction. They’ve been likened to a more folksy Beatles or a more instrumentally interesting Crosby Stills Nash & Young, but we say they are just plain wonderful.

Last month, HATH helped Stornoway sell out The Croc on a cold, rainy Thursday night and tonight they are headlining at Neumos (we know, nearly all of our posts this week have featured bands playing at Neumos. All we can say is that their booking agent is doing a bang-up job this week!) If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, we’ve posted a video (courtesy of our friends at Sound on the Sound) of the band playing an acoustic version of “Rivers & Roads” off their debut album.

1/14 at Neumos:The Head and the Heart, Curtains for You, Lemolo :: Doors at 8 PM :: 21+ :: SOLD OUT! (again, if you didn’t get your tix yet, hustle over to Craigslist!) 

January 13, 2011

Seattle Showcase of the Week: Elba’s Album Release Tonight at The Croc

As The Dismemberment Plan, the Pixies and Modest Mouse rank among our list of favorites, we’ve been paying close attention to Seattle’s Elba, who cites those three bands as some of their major influences. If you too are a fan of The D. Plan’s polyrhythms or Frank Black’s choppy, boyish vocal style, we bet you’ll enjoy tonight’s album release show at the Crocodile.

If that weren’t enough, the always entertaining, enormously talented Gabriel Mintz will take the stage after local power-pop favorites The Quit. Get to the Croc early, as we recommend all three bands in this, the liveliest Seattle showcase of the week.

Update: You can listen to the EP for free at (Thanks for the tip, Nick.)

Below are videos for all three:

1/13 at The Crocodile: Elba, Gabriel Mintz, The Quit :: Doors at 8 PM :: tickets $8 :: 21+


January 13, 2011

The Swiss Army Romance 10th Anniversary Tour Tonight at Neumos

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be 15-years-old and wear eyeliner, too much pomade and tight jeans to appreciate emo these days. According to the video for “Belle of the Boulevard” from Dashboard Confessional (below), cute SoCal coeds, clownish buskers, sports fans, little girls wearing mary janes and even a bikini-clad woman are proud to march to the emo beat. And to be completely honest, we kinda like it too.

Speaking of Dashboard Confessional, they will be playing tonight at Neumos with fellow emo hero Chris Conley (from Saves the Day) and the slightly more upbeat Lady Danville and John Lefler.

1/13 at Neumos: Dashboard Confessional, Chris Conley of Saves The Day, Lady Danville, John Lefler :: Doors at 7 pm :: All Ages, Bar with ID :: SOLD OUT (but if you hurry you might be able to find some tickets on Craigslist. Good luck!)

January 12, 2011

Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground at Neumos Tonight

Borrowing more than a few pages from the Lonely Hearts Club Band playbook, Seattle’s Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground combine clever lyrics, bright horns and folk rock instrumentation in ways that would make Sgt. Pepper proud.

The band, which has been around for years and whose members are or were in pretty much every other Seattle band in existence, will headline Neumos tonight.

1/12 at Neumos: Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground, Ravenna Woods, Exohxo, Let’s Get Lost :: Doors at 7 pm :: $8 at the Door :: 21+

January 12, 2011

Who We Are

SEAliveMUSIC is brought to you by:

Karalee Sargent is a Seattle native who fell in love with the local live music scene after seeing Reggie & The Full Effect and Alkaline Trio play at The Showbox in 2003. She has marketing experience with the Sony BMG Music Group and the Universal Music Group, served as an amateur audio engineer and has been a freelance contributor for local and national music publications since 2007. Aside from the Seattle music scene, Karalee enjoys red wine, traveling, cooking and watching an embarrassing amount of funny animal videos online.

Hailing from the other Washington, Matt Whiting spent his formative years learning about and playing music in venues across D.C., Virginia and Maryland. After hanging up his own musical aspirations in the early 2000s, Matt turned his energy to concert-going. (The fact that he lived just a few blocks from Dave Grohl’s Black Cat certainly didn’t hurt.) After getting solicited advice on the benefits of Seattle versus San Francisco living from Thurston Moore, Matt followed his heart, and Thurston’s advice, and moved out to Seattle in 2008. While he doesn’t keep up the five-shows-a-week pace set just after his Seattle debut, you can still find Matt at many of the city’s venues and festivals throughout the year. (Head over to Seattlest to read a majority of his others posts from the past two years.)

January 11, 2011

It All Starts On 1.11.11


If you’re anything like us, it sometimes takes a bit of external motivation to get you out and about during these, the darkest and dreariest months. And if you’re also like us in that you call Seattle home, you know all too well these dreary months last all too long.

While the promise of world-class caffeinated beverages can no doubt get thte city into a mellow state of overdrive, it’s really the promise of world-class music that gets many of us to leave our front doors in the first place.If you are the type of Seattlite motivated by the latter of these two stimulants, then SEA live MUSIC is your new daily fix.

On this site (and on our Twitter feed) you’ll find daily recommendations, interviews and more on the best musicians playing in our beloved city in the very near future. By combing through calendars, previews and general pontifications from our music writing brethren, we’re pleased to highlight the best of everything the Seattle scene has to offer.

Join us tomorrow and the next day and the next day for our daily picks and more.


The SEA live MUSIC Team

(Photo by jackthfc)

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