Strange Night Ahead: Campfire OK at Columbia City Theater

As more and more of our friends outside of the Seattle area are falling in love with The Head and The Heart, we’ve been seeing more interest in our musical ramblings. With increasing frequency and intensity, these friends are asking us to recommend Seattle area bands that we’d classify as kindred spirits.

In addition to Ivan & Alyosha, who we wrote about yesterday as having a polished indie (slightly) folk pop sound, the more rustic Campfire OK is the band that gets some of the strongest reactions. This comes as little surprise as local blogs, starting with Sound on the Sound, have been lining up with their allegiance. With harmonies reminiscent of Midlake and down-home, syncopated instrumentation, Campfire OK has piqued interest both locally and nationally with their recently released debut album, Strange Like We Are.

If you’d like to experience the band for yourself, head to Columbia City Theater tonight to see the band in action.

2/5 at Columbia City Theatre :: Campfire OK :: Koko & The Sweetmeats :: Bryan John Appleby :: 9 p.m. :: $10

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