Mansions: Morose Yet Beautiful Music Tonight at Sunset Tavern


Why is it that all of the latest amazing bands insist on having the most un-Google-able names? For instance, “Tennis,” who we featured last week, yesterday’s featured band called “Thousands,” or even today’s band, called “Mansions.” Anyway, we digress.

Mansions’ latest release, “The Best of Bees,” was a pay-what-you-want release from their bandcamp page, and features a collection of B-sides that could easily be mistaken for A-sides. With a sound that ranges from Brand New to Kevin Devine to David Bazan, Mansions wraps melancholy lyrics around universal themes, ties it together with alternately strumming and droning guitar, and puts a synthy bow on top.

Mansions is releasing their third album, “Dig Up The Dead,” in April, and we can hardly wait. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to their set tonight at Sunset Tavern with Jarrod Gorbel (Of The Honorary Title) and John Meeks.

2/9 Jarrod Gorbel/Mansions/John Meeks @ Sunset Tavern :: Doors at 8:30 PM :: Tickets are $10 at the door :: 21+

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