Morcheeba at the Market, Trip-Hop Stars Return to Form at the Showbox

In at least two ways, Morcheeba, tonight’s recommended headliner has a lot in common with The Concretes, yesterday’s recommended headliner.

To start with, both bands are European and at least in our minds, seem to be making the type of music that we’d guess they’d be making simply by knowing their place of geographic origin. For Morcheeba, they’re from London and make surprisingly elegant-sounding Trip-Hop turned pop, while The Concretes are from Stockholm and make surpisingly lush-sounding indie pop.

Secondly, both female-fronted groups managed to stay relevant after their initial singer parted ways with the act early on. In Morcheeba’s case, the group went through those on the mic the way Spinal Tap went through those on the throne, while The Concretes were able to make a smooth transition to a second vocalist, who has been at the helm ever since.

Beyond that, the groups are quite different in sound and in the fact Morcheeba’s original vocalist, Skye Edwards, has, much to the delight of fans, returned to the group. Similarities and differences aside, both receive our seal of recommendation.

To steal a phrase from their bio on that other social network that’s surprisingly still around, head over to Showbox to hear the “multi-million-selling darlings of down-tempo” for yourself.

3/1 at Showbox at the Market :: Morcheeba :: The Mumlers :: 8:00 PM :: $25 :: 21+

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