Zach Braff Night @ Showbox: Cary Brothers and Joshua Radin Tug Seattle’s Heartstrings


In 2004, most of America was swooning over the film Garden State, but we were swooning over the film’s soundtrack. That Zach Braff has some good taste in tunes.

One of that artists on the Garden State soundtrack that stood out to us was Cary Brothers, a singer/songwriter from Nashville. It’s no surprise that his songs have shown up in TV shows and movies throughout the past 8 years. He’s a talented guitarist and features highly romantic lyrics.

Tonight, Cary Brothers is opening for another Zach Braff favorite: Joshua Radin. If you were lucky enough to snag tickets, you’ll be enjoying both acts at the Showbox tonight. If you didn’t get tickets, well, you’re out of luck because the show is sold out.

3/9 Joshua Radin/Cary Brothers/Laura Jansen at Showbox at the Market :: Doors at 7:00 PM :: This show is sold out.

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