Interview: The D Plan Go With Plan B, Reunite for the Fun of It



Washington DC’s The Dismemberment Plan, a band renowned for their command of time signatures, cleverly odd lyrics, humorously offbeat onstage banter and frenetic live shows among many other shared observations, have been delighting fans across the states (and Japan) with their latest reunion tour.

With D Plan swinging into to town for a highly anticipated show at the Showbox SoDo on Saturday, we were lucky enough to catch up frontman Travis Morrison.

Continue on to read our exchange, get nostalgic by watching the video for the excellent Time Bomb and head down to SoDo tomorrow night for the live experience.

3/12 at Showbox SoDo :: The Dismemberment Plan :: Mt St Helens Vietnam Band :: 7 PM :: $25

What were the factors that made this year the right one for a reunion tour?

We released a vinyl reissue of our album Emergency and I and seemed like a nice way to celebrate that.

Are you all writing new material or considering another album?

Not actively. Not against it either…

In your press materials, you say that D Plan was very much a product of DC. As you’re now a New Yorker, can you guess as to how the band would be different if NYC was the band’s home?

We would never practice because either our personal lives would be too busy or we couldn’t find rehearsal space. DC is a great incubator of bands. Kind of in the way Seattle is. Very much in the same ways Seattle is, come to think.

How did your relationship with Barsuk as a solo artist and then as the label that would reissue Emergency and I come about?

Jeez, i don’t know. I have known those folks forever. Just old friends.

How did your tour in Japan this last round go?

I ate like 29 pieces of onigiri and a kid broke his shoulder at our last show while being a crazy person. But he wrote us a very sweet note before getting in the ambulance. That’s Japanese willpower for you.

Anything you’re looking to do with your time in Seattle?

Drink coffee, goof off with friends, play a rock show… Bout all we have time for…

Looking back on your past visits and tours through Seattle, do any memories stand out?

I remember a really, really, really insane, until dawn after party on one tour. I can’t remember the club it was over… In a private space over one of the smaller clubs in town. It was one for the ages…

Recording at Hall of Justice after the Plan broke up…

Are there any Seattle bands that currently make your van’s playlist?

You know right now i am pretty checked out of what is happening in the Pacific Northwest. Feel free to tip me.  I have been pretty deep in the NYC scene for the last two years.

If you lived in an alternate reality where you forced to play the catalogue of another musician/band for an entire year, which musicians/band’s works would you play?


What should those who come out to your show expect in contrast to the last time you were in town?

We are much older… Fat and bald with crippling rheumatism

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