Little Beirut: Portland Power Pop at the High Dive Tonight

While we spent many years of our young adult lives as devoted fans of power pop, for better or worse, our tastes have steadily moved to usually more somber varieties of “indie rock.” While that may be, there are a handful of bands that take us back to our days of saccharine radio rock blasting from our car stereos.

One such band that brings to mind exactly why we were so captivated with our Sloan albums and the like is Portland’s own Little Beirut. According to frontman Hamilton Sims what makes them different from a lot of bands out of Rose City is that “we’re not avant garde, we’re not trying to weird you out.” If you’re in the mood for hook-laden choruses and slick power chords tonight, then head to the High Dive early as Little Beirut will be kicking things off around 8:30 PM.

3/23 @ High Dive :: Second Academy :: Tyrannosaurus Grace :: Little Beirut at High Dive :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: $6

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