D. Crane of BOAT Dresses Like His Idols, Talks to Us

As anyone who has had any interaction with the monkeys at the typewriters that power this site knows, we’re huge BOAT fans. The band’s legendary (in our book) 2008 performance with Fishboy and Tullycraft at the Sunset still ranks among our all-time favorite concerts.

The band perfectly marries D. Crane’s Malkmus-esque delivery of cleverly goofy yet often oddly profound lyrics with indie pop rock instrumentation. Their live shows take the experience to the next level as the guys consistently remind the audience why they’re one of the most highly-regarded optimists in the rock game today.

We were lucky enough to catch up with middle school teacher by day and BOAT frontman by night D. Crane in advance of their highly anticipated album release show at the Tractor tonight.

Continue on to read our best interview yet, listen to the tunes below and make your way to Ballard for a night you won’t soon forget.

How did the title and concept for Dress Like Your Idols come about?

I wrote the song Dress Like Your Idols about a year ago. It was one of my favorite lyrics from the record, so I started drawing up ideas. I drew a guy combing his hair….some people getting dressed….a guy punching his desk….and then started trying to draw album covers. It was initially just a silly excuse to sit with my albums and do some drawing. Then I realized the concept worked together.

How difficult was it to narrow the album covers for your homage cover down to nine?

I drew about seventeen. I chose the ones that turned out the best. The Supergrass–I Should Coco cover looks pretty shabby. It didn’t make the cut!

Were there albums that certain members fought for passionately but ultimately not passionately enough to warrant a spot?

In the end I was the editor. I feel badly because it doesn’t fully represent the band. J. Goodman’s choice of Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch,” and Freewheelin Bob Dylan….made the insert on the LP. B. Stewart’s choice of Teenage Fanclub’s “Bandwagonesque” was received after the deadline.

What were the major differences between recording DLYI and your other albums?

We had these songs for a year or so in demo form. I think we made more of a conscious effort to arrange these songs. We tried lots of ideas and layers of noises. For that we used J. Long’s house, as well as the studio he used to work at. J. Long also tried to take demo tracks and incorporate them into the final recordings. We hadn’t done that before. But like the other albums, the best part about it was hanging out and eating pizza. So, I guess it’s fairly similar in that way.

As one of the few admitted Pearl Jam fans that we get to interview, are you more excited by the band’s upcoming return to the studio, Eddie’s solo uke album or Jeff’s Tres Mts project?

I am done denying that I loved/love Pearl Jam. They made me excited about music at a young age…and they have grown older gracefully. They seem like champs. They always have! I still wish they’d take on Ticketmaster. That was a golden era. I remember hearing Corduroy on the End (107.7), when they debuted it, and taping it off my boombox. I remember getting a cassette of Vs. on its release day. So, I must say I am excited to see what is in the deluxe Vs./Vitalogy release. I am looking forward to a Monkeywrench Radio bonus cassette!

What’s the best show you’ve seen this year?

Watching the Apples in Stereo at the Crocodile was a favorite show for me. We got to meet and hang out with Robert Schneider.

Outside of your friends Tullycraft, what other local bands do you feel fall closest to BOAT on the spectrum of poppy indie rock?

I am not sure. That is a constant conundrum. I love the Nightgowns! I can’t wait until they release something new. The Unnatural Helpers record is really cool. Sunshine/Pretty Girls should be the number one download on Itunes! If Tullycraft reunites…we will play with them.

How did John Roderick end up singing back-up on Landlocked?

We were lucky enough to open for TLW in 2008, and again last year in Eugene, OR. His voice is so special. I emailed him and asked him if he would be up for it. He was a total prince. We gave him some pizza and coffee, and hit record! I grew up with a big sister….I probably would choose him as a big brother…if he and I were enrolled in the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Do your students and/or their parents know you’re in a band? Do they ever come out to any of your shows?

I try to keep it hidden…on account of them being 8th graders. They like Wiz Khalifa, not GBV. But a teacher told them about it and they are actually pretty cool about it. A band photo graces the screen saver in the computer lab, right next to a Tupac screensaver, and a Ben Franklin screensaver. They kind of punked me. I don’t know how to change the screensaver on these old Dells. They locked it somehow!

If you lived in an alternate reality where you forced to play the catalogue of another musician/band for an entire year, which musicians/band’s works would you play?

I would play Velvet Underground songs. You could just jam them for hours. Maybe I would sneak in a Tullycraft cover (Clique at Night Vandals)….after a 20 minute version of Sister Ray.

What else do you have planned for 2011?

I am starting a graduate program to become a school administrator/principal/vice principal. But…we desperately want to tour Europe. So, I will spend the bulk of 2011 begging UK record companies to release our album, and learning how to discipline middle school children with positive discipline.

The new single:

The single from Setting the Paces:

3/25 @ The Tractor :: BOAT :: Pickwick :: Concours D’Elegance :: 9:30 PM :: $8

4 Responses to “D. Crane of BOAT Dresses Like His Idols, Talks to Us”

  1. I enjoyed this article. Lots of interesting and fun facts. Boat sounds like a band I would enjoy as a music fan and an employee of the WA state educational system 🙂


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