Big Fun with Miniature Tigers Tonight at The Croc

What separates really good bands from the more run-of-the-mill variety is an element of surprise. We love it when bands throw in something out of the ordinary to spice up their music and differentiate themselves from the everyday Joes who know how to strum a guitar. One such band, with likely the most inoffensive moniker we’ve seen this decade, is Miniature Tigers.

They don’t play regular ol’ indie pop; Miniature Tigers specialize in dreamy beach pop with occasional smatterings of psychedelic rock and tribal/calypso jams, which frankly isn’t a sound you hear often these days. Charlie Brand, the group’s unassuming frontman, sings like he’s sighing, giving their music an easy going breeziness. They also have fun with their music by means of silly lyrics and comical videos, and we love it when bands still have joy about their art form.

They’re playing tonight at the Croc with one of our past recommended artists, Pepper Rabbit.

3/30 Miniature Tigers/Pepper Rabbit/Cataldo @ The Crocodile :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: Tickets are $9 :: 21+

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