Revel in Yesteryear: Ben Kweller with Pete Yorn at Showbox SoDo Tonight

While nothing excites us quite as much as finding our new favorite band, like everyone we know, we’re prone to nostalgia from time to time. If you happened to be of high school or college age during the past decade, chances are you’ve got a least a song of tonight’s Showbox SoDo lineup on your iPod.

We’re particularly excited about seeing the infamously baby-faced Ben Kweller, who has only enhanced his quirky take on pop rock over the years. Though Kweller added a distinctive twang to his catalogue with 2009’s Changing Horses, his impressive mastery of hooks guarantees tonight’s set will be full of all of the sing-alongs you (and the younger version of yourself) would expect.

Kweller will be joined by another fan favorite, Pete Yorn, who always puts on a fun, swoon-worthy performance. Don’t miss these two crooners in SoDo tonight.

4/1 Pete Yorn/Ben Kweller @ Showbox Sodo :: 7 pm :: $25 :: All Ages

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