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April 5, 2011

Get Your Gospel On: Danielson Brings Bright Folk Pop to Vera

While we like quite a range of musical genres here at SEA live MUSIC, gospel isn’t generally one we gravitate to. However, when it comes to the sprightly indie-pop gospel stylings of Danielson, we just can’t resist.

The group, formerly known as Danielson Family, is a costumed bunch of talented musicians who sing folksy pop tunes with intricate arrangements. They perform with some subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to Christian symbolism, such as nurse costumes to represent the “spiritual and emotional healing taking place” during their shows.

Not the religious type? Don’t worry. There’s something to be appreciated about the group’s quirky sensibilities and the frontman’s Win-Butler-esque vocal style whether Jesus is just alright with you or not.

4/5 Danielson/Karl Blau/Shannon Stephens @ The Vera Project :: Doors at 7:30 PM :: Tickets are $11 :: All ages

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