Home Sweet Home: Ravenna Woods Keeps it Local at Neumos

The local scene here in the Emerald City has been vibrant with lots of acclaimed up-and-comers, including The Head and the Heart, Viper Creek Club, Telekenisis and many others. One of which is one of the most-played artists on our iPods – Ravenna Woods.

Ravenna Woods’ music is a beautifully controlled chaos. They feature unexpected syncopation and wild drum beats wrapped in delicate harmonies and meticulously crafted lyrics. Their local roots already inspire us to favor them a bit, but their musical chops are what make us love them.

They put on a really fun show, so don’t miss them tonight at Neumos with fellow local songsmiths Drew Grow and Big Sur.

4/7 Ravenna Woods/Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives/Big Sur @ Neumos :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: Tickets are $10 :: 21+

2 Comments to “Home Sweet Home: Ravenna Woods Keeps it Local at Neumos”

  1. Hey guys! Came across this post and wanted to thank you guys for the support; it means the world to us. Hopefully we’ll see u out and about soon!

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