The Rural Alberta Advantage at The Tractor Tonight

Those who have had conversations with us at really any point in our post-middle school lives or have read our various writings over the years know that there a few direct paths to our music-loving hearts. We won’t bore you with the details of cataloging our audio likes but for the purpose of this preview, we’ll focus on one fact.

Mangum-esque vocals pique our interest every time.

Admittedly, we were first turned on to tonight’s Tractor headliner due to the vocal similarities to the iconic Neutral Milk Hotel frontman. What quickly won us over, however, was the total package of honest emotion and unparalleled musicianship.

What makes Rural Alberta Advantage noteworthy in their own right is the band’s marriage of frontman Nils Edenloff’s emotive delivery with keyboardist Amy Cole’s ethereal backing vocals and Paul Banwatt’s feverishly dexterous drumming. The band’s material often intersperses tales of despair and longing with bursts of sonic enthusiasm to great effect.

Our words on this Sunday afternoon will hardly do the band justice, so we implore you to spend some time with the band’s material and head over to the Tractor tonight to catch the live experience. We recommend getting there early for local opener Land of Pines and LA’s Lord Huron.

4/10 at the Tractor :: The Rural Alberta Advantage :: Lord Huron :: Land Of Pines :: 8 pm :: $10

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