Freelance Whales Return to Showbox With New Sound, New Songs

Freelance Whales have been on a non-stop tour circuit since the release of their 2010 smash-hit debut, Weathervanes, and they aren’t about to take a rest. With a couple new singles available online and new music videos to match, they’re gracing the Emerald City once again tonight at The Showbox with another one of our more recent favorites, Foals.

Foals and Freelance Whales might seem like an odd pairing, however if you listen to FW’s new singles, tonight’s lineup will make a lot more sense. While the band still leans heavily on keyboard-driven pop, they’re exploring their darker side. The new singles are much more commanding and rich than their delicate, pretty predecessors off Weathervanes. The slight shift in sound makes them a perfect choice to set the stage for the mathy indie-rock group Foals. And it’s no surprise the show is already sold out.

4/11 Foals/Freelance Whales/The Naked and Famous @ Showbox :: Doors at 7:00 PM :: All ages :: SOLD OUT

2 Comments to “Freelance Whales Return to Showbox With New Sound, New Songs”

  1. This post made me even more excited to see these guys in St. Louis later this month!

  2. That’s awesome. We’ve seen them a few times in the past year and they always put on a good show.

    Speaking of good shows, not sure if The Rural Alberta Advantage have come through STL this tour yet. If not, you should see them when they’re in town. Amazing live show. Bring the earplugs though.Well worth it!

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