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April 19, 2011

My Goodness Unveils First Video, Gets Us More Excited about the Future

While we refresh our site multiple times a day, we’ll never point you to something that we wouldn’t pay to go see ourselves. We won’t just put up content for the sake of content and tell you about something that in actuality, we think is crap or even just OK. Following this philosophy, we sometimes have days of the week when we don’t have a recommended show for that particular evening.

Tonight, as you can guess, is one those nights. With a hole in our publishing schedule, we decided to break from our “immediately upcoming show(s)” approach and point you to an excellent new video from one of our favorite Seattle duos.

(One of) our city’s next great hopes, My Goodness has an impressive new video that shows off the band’s muscular muscianship like nothing that existed on the interwebs before. Seeing the band in person is the ultimate experience akin to “a tornado fighting it’s way outta a rock band” according to our friend Mike Johnston. This video should get you even more excited about their next show later this month.

The band will be playing with our friends Elba plus Fox and the Law at the Tractor on 4/27. Here’s our preview of My Goodness’ album release if you want to read a bit more from us about the band.

4/27 @ Tractor Tavern :: My Goodness :: Fox and the Law :: Elba :: $5

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