Friday Indie Pop with Aqueduct at The Vera Project

Frontmen can really make or break a band. Some don’t engage the audience enough, whereas others you wish would stop talking and start singing. But a few of our favorites are able to find the perfect balance in between. One example is David Terry from Aqueduct.

He lives in Seattle which automatically puts him in our good graces, but he’s charming, witty and a damn good keyboard player. His songs are clever and poppy, with intimate lyrics and addictive melodies. Aquaduct is understated, but sure to be one of the most enjoyable indie pop sets you’ll see this spring.

Also, if you have time this afternoon, swing by the Sunset Tavern in Ballard – KEXP is doing a live broadcast there all day with free music (plus you can pick up some Flying Squirrel pizza. YUM.)

5/20 Aqueduct / Tea Cozies / Seacats @ Vera Project :: Doors at 7:30 PM :: Tickets are $10 :: All Ages

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