Top 3 Can’t Miss Acts of Sasquatch Saturday

Saturday boasts the best lineup of the weekend (see our full schedule here), so picking our top three favorites was tough. After a lot of mental anguish, we were able to narrow it down to three (with an honorable mention for good measure).

Pepper Rabbit

We’ve covered Pepper Rabbit before, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, you really should try to make it to The Gorge early in the day on Saturday to catch their set at the Yeti Stage. With their enchanting instrumentation, their orchestral pop composition and playful stage presence, Pepper Rabbit remains on our list of top recommendations.

Wolf Parade

We’ve been big fans of Wolf Parade for the better part of the past decade. With members from other projects like Frog Eyes, The Handsome Furs and Hot Hot Heat, they’re a collective of truly talented musicians. They play dark, keyboard-driven alt-pop that’s oftentimes light-years catchier than the other acts also fronted by the prolific Spencer Krug. Wolf Parade will be on the Sasquatch Stage (aka the main stage) at 4:20 on Saturday.

Bright Eyes

With a surprising new album and an strong fan following, Connor Oberst of Bright Eyes is no stranger to wooing critics left and right. Bright Eyes has ditched the deeply introspective (some might safe, mopey), singer-songwriter vibe and have wandered into the realm of experimental art rock (while still featuring Connor’s fragile vocals). The latest album, The People’s Key, has been on regular rotation on our iPods since it hit shelves in February, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how Connor commands the Sasquatch Stage on Saturday evening.

Honorable Mention: Death Cab for Cutie

In terms of recent releases, we haven’t been as excited about any of Death Cab’s albums since Transatlanticism. That said, Ben Gibbard and the guys still know how to engage and audience and put on a damn good live show. Unlike many other artists, Death Cab knows how to create a festival setlist – they do a nice job of combining new singles with the old favorites that only their earliest fans would recognize. Especially if you haven’t had the chance to see Death Cab live, we’d really recommend sticking around the Sasquatch stage after Bright Eyes wraps up to catch their set. (PS – did we mention they just did a pretty amazing live taping of the music video for “You Are A Tourist”?)

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