Top 3 Can’t Miss Acts of Sasquatch Sunday

Yesterday, we shared our top picks for sets at Sasquatch on Friday and Saturday, so today we’re going to finish up with our picks for the rest of the festival. Sunday is our longest day by far… our first set starts at noon and our final set doesn’t take the stage until 11:00 PM. We’re bracing ourselves for the 12+ hours of awesome music, and we’re especially looking forward to the following three bands (plus another honorable mention!)

Also, did we mention it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70s at the Gorge on Sunday?!?!

The Smith Westerns

The Smith Westerns are relatively new to our iPods, and we can’t wait to see them live. The band is the first to take the Sasquatch Stage on Sunday, so make sure you don’t party too hard on Saturday night after Death Cab’s set. They combine Americana and surf pop for a feel-good set that will start your Sunday off on the right foot.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

We can’t deny it… Black Joe Lewis is one of our favorite acts at this year’s Sasquatch. The group has a unique brand of pop-funk that will make you shake your moneymaker. Black Joe Lewis and his cronies still have fun with music – with songs like “Booty City” in their repertoire, it’s hard not to smile and get your groove on. The dance party will be going down at the Yeti Stage around 4:30 PM.


Speaking of dance parties, we can’t write about Sunday’s lineup without recommending one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend. Ratatat produces a blend of experimental house and electronic dance music with a rock sensibility. The Brooklyn duo is able to create a larger-than-life sound that most find utterly intoxicating. With the latest show of the weekend, which starts at 11:00 PM at the Bigfoot Stage, we expect only those devoted to a real party will attend.

Honorable Mention: Modest Mouse

Sure, the band has a reputation for hit-and-miss live shows, and we STILL can’t get “Float On” to stop repeating itself in our heads. But Issac Brock and the other fellows of Modest Mouse have had a huge impact on modern day alternative music, and frankly, the band just doesn’t play that often anymore. Modest Mouse songs are covered by a plethora of other well known musicians and their tours have launched their openers to success (read: Wolf Parade). The (now) Portland-based legends will take the Sasquatch Stage at 10:00 PM, and we’d recommend that you swing by to sing along to some old favorites.

2 Responses to “Top 3 Can’t Miss Acts of Sasquatch Sunday”

  1. I would kill to be at Sasquatch!!! These bands are amazing and the rest of the line up is equally fantastic!!! At least I will be at CMJ. You should check it out! Prices are great! On-site is $295 for students, $495 for general registrants $175 individual student badge, $155 5 – 9 students, $135 10 – 19 students, and $100 20 – 39 students!


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