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June 11, 2011

Best of the ‘Burbs: Lutes & Liars Tonight in Bremerton

We usually write about shows that are solely in Seattle proper, however sometimes we find shows in the surrounding areas that deserve a post of their own. Not all of our readers live in Seattle per se, and the music scene from Seattle tends to seep into many of the nearby suburbs.

Tonight, we’re happy to highlight the quaint town of Bremerton, home to several musicians that put Washington on the musical map, including MxPx. A relatively new band, Lutes & Liars, is celebrating their album release at The Charleston tonight in Bremerton. Formerally known as The Troubadours, Lutes & Liars play feel good indie pop that both tugs at your heartstrings and makes you want to dance.

If you’re on the other side of the water from Seattle, or don’t mind a gorgeous ferry ride, catch Lutes & Liars with Handsome & Gretyl and Homeless Man.

6/11 Lutes & Liars / Handsome & Gretyl / Homeless Man @ The Charleston :: Doors @ 8:30 PM :: Tickets are $5 :: All Ages

June 11, 2011

It’s All About the Lyrics: Kimya Dawson Tonight At Neumos

Some artists are catapulted into the spotlight thanks to movie soundtracks. The Shins partly have Zach Braff to thank for their rise to fame. Another recent example of such a musician is Olympia’s own Kimya Dawson, formerly of the band The Moldy Peaches.

Thanks to the movie Juno, Kimya has become somewhat of a household name. Known for her absurd yet shockingly honest lyrics, as well as her wild hair, ubiquitous tattoos and lip piercings, Kimya has an understated stage presence that commands the attention of even the most restless bar crowd. Her music sounds relatively simple, with rudimentary guitar chords and her unconventionally pleasant voice, however her folk songs are emotionally jarring and complex.

Flanked by musicians who are a little more hifi and raucous than she, Kimya will be at Neumos tonight with Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Whiz.

6/11 Aesop Rock / Kimya Dawson / Rob Sonic / DJ Whiz @ Neumos :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: Tickets are $18 :: All Ages

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