The Mountain Goats, The Smartest Act in Town, Tonight at the Showbox

While our home metropolis may have lost the long-held title of most literate city to D.C. this year, it’s no secret that Seattle denizens appreciate the beauty of deftly constructed prose like few others. As such, it should come as no surprise that so-called hyper-literate-rock shows are among the city’s most beloved musical events.

In February, we wrote about our excitement in advance of indie rock poet laureate John Darnielle’s solo show at UW and today, we’re excitedly typing about his return with his solo outfit turned band, The Mountain Goats.

Head to the good Showbox tonight to hear some great lo-fi, narrative-driven folk from the band that often turns phrases so clever that they leave the likes of Colin Meloy and John K. Sampson (and their respective “The” bands) at a loss for words.

6/16 The Mountain Goats / The Midtown Dickens @ The Showbox (Market) :: 7:00 p.m. :: $20

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