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July 8, 2011

Tonight’s Best Bet: The Elected at The Tractor

While Blake Sennett first won us over as the guitarist and back-up (and sometimes) alternate vocalist for Rilo Kiley with the band’s Barsuk debut Take Offs and Landing, it was ultimately his solo project on Sub Pop that made him fully appreciate his abilities as a deeply introspective lyricist and all-around skilled musician.

After a five year hiatus between his band’s sophomore and third album, Sennett’s The Elected is back with a excellent new release that picks up where Sun, Sun, Sun left off by adding a few more danceable (or at least highly swayable) elements to the mix. Head to the Tractor tonight to take in the live experience for yourself.

7/8 The Elected / Whispertown / Lucas Field @ The Tractor :: 9:30 pm :: $12

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