OK’s Finest: Other Lives Open For The Rosebuds at The Tractor Tonight

As a music blog with a specific geography in our name, it should come as no surprise that we’re pretty conscious of the question of where when it comes to our favorite bands. If you too have been keeping track of who we write about, you’ll see the same locales come up over and over. One such band that broke from our standard audio fare of Seattle, Portland, Austin, Brooklyn and other mainstays is the Other Lives. The group that’s opening for The Rosebuds at the Tractor hail from Oklahoma, a state which isn’t well represented on the iPods, Pandora stations or any of the blogs that we frequent on a daily basis.

Question of geographic place behind us, Other Lives’ incorporation of rich vocal harmonies and ethereal, sypmhonic instrumentation make for an excellent addition to your audio collection that would be right at home next to Denton’s Midlake, Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear and Seattle’s own Fleet Foxes.

7/9 The Rosebuds / Other Lives @ Tractor Tavern :: 9:30 :: $14

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