Impressive Musical Comedy with Reggie Watts Tonight at Neptune

With his disheveled appearance, grandpa sweaters, untamed beard and wild afro, it would be easy to mistake one of the funniest men in comedy today for a derelict. But when on stage and in his element, Reggie Watts instantly becomes an icon of modern day comedy. The former Seattelite is back tonight for a gig at the recently revamped Neptune Theater in the U-District.

You may be asking yourself, why are we featuring a comedian here at SEA live MUSIC? The truth is, as funny as Reggie is, his talents as a musician are almost more baffling than his quirky sense of humor. Using looping techniques and his own voice, he creates shockingly impressive songs. The lyrics are often silly (bordering on nonsensical at times) but he also pokes fun at a wide range of genres, from gangster rap (see the offensive yet hilarious video below) to croony R&B.

If you aren’t offended by the occasional F-bomb (ok, it might be a little more than occasional…), head to the U-District tonight and be ready to laugh your you-know-what off.

(Please note the below video is not appropriate for the workplace, children or your grandmother. Just be aware the song is comprised of pretty much nothing but cuss words. But it is really funny.)

8/21 Reggie Watts @ Neptune Theater :: Tickets are $19 SOLD OUT :: Show is at 8:00 PM :: All Ages

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