Scenes from Bumbershoot Day 2

Day 2 at Bumbershoot was a day of contrasts. We started off a bit worn out from Day 1, but we were excited to see another full day of great music. We saw some of our favorite new artists from the past year (Tennis, Warpaint), along with legends from yesteryear (Leon Russell, Butthole Surfers… OK, maybe “legends” is a bit too strong). We saw bands that sounded true-to-album (The Kills, Tennis), while some others sounded a bit pitchy (Toro Y Moi, Warpaint). We saw the under-21 crowd wait in ridiculously long lines (to get into Key Arena to see Macklemore), while we saw the 21-plus crowd wait in ridiculously long lines (to get into the Fisher Green beer garden).

All in all, another great, sunny day at Seattle Center. Scroll on to see some highlights from Day 2 and be sure to check out our Day 3 picks before you head out for the grand finale. Last but not least, you can follow all of our Bumbershoot 2011 coverage here and get our from-the-ground updates at

Tennis won over the crowd with their pitch-perfect tunes of maritime adventures, complete with sweet vocals and impressive surf guitar.

Das Racist tested the limits of the audience’s patience by playing up their trademark “Andy Kaufman of rap acts” routine, including getting the crowd to do the two handed wave for minutes on end, chant “Go Space Needle, Go Space Needle, Go” and an attempt to get the crowd chanting “USA, USA!”

The first all-female band we’ve seen this festival, Warpaint proved to be excellent instrumentalists who found their vocal footing after a few songs.

In terms of vocal clarity, entertainment value and overall listenability, 69-year-old Leon Russell played a great set that put last year’s 69-year-old Bob Dylan’s set to shame.

The Lonely Forest once again proved themselves to be the huge hit with the Hollister crowd.

While a far cry from last night’s STRFKR performance in the same time slot at the same stage, South Carolina’s Toro Y Moi’s echo-y tunes were deemed “pretty good” by a least a few chillwave aficionados in the Fountain Lawn beer garden.

Power duo of the night, The Kills, capped off the evening with their trademark transatlantic blend of muddy guitar and raw vocals.

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  1. Did you happen to take a shot of the crowd during the Kills? A photographer took a picture of me, but I can’t find it.


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