An Interview with Fishboy, Columbia City Theater’s Saturday Night Party Starter

While our appreciation for Seattle band BOAT is well-documented here, on other sites and on our Twitter account, a quick scan through the series of tubes that make up this here internet shows us that our commendation of Fishboy, the band that will open up the evening at Columbia City Theater Saturday is less apparent.

Consider this post our first attempt at making up for that previous oversight! In advance of said Columbia City show, we were lucky enough to snag some time with the mastermind of the Denton TX group, Eric “Fishboy” Michener, to talk about the aquatic-themed audio event of the year.

As usual, scroll on for the interview and you’ll find audio/visual treasures at the end. (One last thing…As Aqueduct fans as well, we highly recommend sticking around for the whole evening.)

The Columbia City Theater bill this Saturday is dream lineup for fans of goofy, indie pop. How did this show come about?

We have been friends with BOAT since we played with them in 2007. They are one of my favorite bands in the world. I told them we were coming to town and they made it happen! We opened for Aqueduct in 2005 when they toured through Denton. Coincidentally, Matt Pence, drummer of the Denton band Centro-Matic (who are in town playing Tractor Tavern Sunday!) has recorded our last two albums and plays drums on a lot of Aqueduct recordings as well….so there’s a strange web of Texas-Washington connections running through bands in Seattle this weekend.

The next natural question is when will Fishboy appease the pleas of your PacNW fans and relocate Fishboy HQ to the more aquatically-suitable Seattle?

I would love to relocate to Seattle. One day if the stars align, maybe it will happen.

A couple years ago you played a set in front of the Fremont troll. How does his response to your music differ or parallel that of typical Fishboy fans?

The troll was very polite and attentive. Although I’m not sure how into my set he was since he never sang along despite multiple requests.

What should Seattleites expect when Fishboy and Reptile Boy (D. Crane of BOAT) share the same stage?

Expect a Fishboy like you’ve never seen, we are currently touring acoustically with a guitarron (mariachi bass) accordion and acoustic guitar. Also, expect me to be yelling along with BOAT.

A lot of your Seattle fans and presumably those across the globe learned about Fishboy from KEXP playing “Race Car.” Are there common themes, events or place that people cite as their reason for first becoming fans of the band?

I actually had no idea KEXP was playing Race Car. That’s awesome! Maybe we should practice that song for the show huh? I haven’t kept track of common ways people are becoming fans. We just add a little here and a little more there, one day at a time.

Anything or things in particular you’re looking to do with your time in Seattle?

I’m not going to have enough time to see everything I want! I love going to the locks and seeing the fish ladder, I also love the Fantagraphics store, Mighty O Donuts, and Paseo for sandwiches. I’m definitely looking forward to playing on Vashon Island on Sunday the 11th with Red Pony Clock, Terrordactyls, Iji and Googolplexia.

What’s next for the band?

After we finish these West Coast dates, we are going to play the Athens Popfest and CMJ on an east coast tour in October. Then I am going to get home, write some new songs, draw some new comics and
launch a store selling custom embroidered portraits (like the ones on the cover of Classic Creeps).

Any parting words for our readers?


9/10 Aqueduct / Boat / Fishboy @ Columbia City Theater :: 9pm :: $10 adv :: $13 door

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