Wait, What? Minus the Bear is Playing Where? MTB at Eastlake’s Little Water Cantina Tonight

Not since Miniature Tigers inexplicably added Eastlake’s Azteca to their tour a couple years back have we been so confused, yet excited by music news in Seattle’s water-loving neighborhood in the heart of the city.

As the Seattle Met and others are reporting, local favorites Minus the Bear will be playing Eastlake’s more upscale Mexican-inspired restaurant tonight. The band will be playing Little Water Cantina‘s patio on Eastlake Ave tonight. Apparently Eastlake Mexican restaurants are the new Neumos.

According to the restaurant, “the party starts at 6:30 and will involve all-night taco specials” and more. Expect to hear a wide-variety of selections from the band’s decade-long catalog during their roughly hour-long set. If you can’t make it tonight and/or are more excited about seeing the band in a slightly more traditional venue, you can catch the band’s ten year anniversary show at the Showbox on November 11.

9/13 Minus the Bear @ Little Water Cantina :: 2865 Eastlake Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102 :: 6:30 :: All Ages

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