Parallel to Pinback, Smith’s Systems Officer Takes Over the Sunset Tonight

As huge Pinback fans, we were thrilled to learn about Systems Officer, the solo venture from Pinback founder and multi-instrumentalist Armistead Burwell Smith IV.

The project, according to Smith, was one that sat on the shelf for over five years, being pushed aside by a commitment to Pinback and only recently was given room to breathe following Pinback’s excellent Autumn of the Seraphs back in 2007. That focus on Systems Officer yielded 2009’s Underslept but shortly thereafter, Smith again felt S.O. wasn’t getting enough attention as he’d “always wanted it to be a full fledge fuctioning band recording records on a regular basis and touring.”

Cut to late summer 2011 and Smith’s hopes have turned into realities. Now more than just an on-again off-again project, Systems Officer has turned into a band with members (including current and former Pinback players Chris Prescott and Kenseth Thibideau) and a West Coast tour schedule.

If you’re a fan of Smith’s understated-sounding, yet-incredibly-intricate melodically moody pop masterpieces, head to the Sunset to take in the live experience for yourself.

9/27 Systems Officer / Phantom Works / Steradian @ Sunset Tavern :: Doors at 9:00 PM :: $10

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