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October 12, 2011

Marching to Their Own Beat, The Drums Bring Youthful Energy to The Croc Tonight

After a certain number of years, being a music writer is a bit like working at a high school. You keep getting older but the kids never seem to age. If you’re a janitor and your name happens to be Noodles, those kids will invite you to join their band and you’ll soon catapult to international pop punk fame… but we digress.

Anyway… one such band, among many really, that make us feel like dinosaurs is The Drums. Like their friends and past tourmates Surfer Blood, the band is made up of four young guys who seem just weeks from their high school days. If you’re a fan of poppy, surf rock, then you won’t want to miss their show at The Croc tonight.

10/12 The Drums / Veronica Falls / io echo @ The Crocodile :: 8pm :: $12

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