Jet City Meet Boom City, Seattle’s Next Great Power Pop Powerhouse

While we’re not sure whether their name is a nod to one our fair city’s nicknames or an unexpected and disputable Scrubs reference, we can’t deny the impressive pedigree of one of Seattle’s newest up and coming power pop powerhouses.

Helmed by Eric Howk of The Lashes and consisting of members of Visqueen, The Greatest Hits and Megasapien, Boom City builds on past projects with about as much bombast as you’d expect from a band with such a name. If we, or maybe just the name alone has piqued your interest, check out the (grainy) video below and click through for some tracks from an upcoming EP recorded by Eric Corson and John Roderick of Long Winters fame.

Be sure to get to the Crocodile early tonight to take in the live experience for yourself before Army Navy and Grand Archive take the stage.

11/18 Grand Archives / Army Navy / Boom City @ The Croc :: Doors at 8 p.m. :: $12

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