Getting Civil with Wye Oak Tonight at Neptune Theatre

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seems more hectic than we remember from years past. In the midst of the utter chaos of Christmas shopping, party planning and eggnog drinking, it’s important to take a moment to center one’s self.

Tonight’s show at the Neptune offers the perfect opportunity to hear some great music that’s sure to provide refuge from the rest of the holiday bustle. A band that’s slowly but steadily been gaining recognition in the indie pop scene and critical acclaim is Wye Oak, the openers for tonight’s show. NPR describes their music “as rock music that billows majestically, as pop music that gets its hooks into you in more ways than one, and as fascinating and mysterious examinations of doomed romance.” Their March release of Civilian was one of Paste’s most anticipated album releases of 2011. Wye Oak’s music will catch you by the heartstrings and take your soul to a calmer, more sober place.

Don’t miss the act’s following Wye Oak: Local Natives and The National. As an added bonus, this is only the first night of a two-night stint at Neptune Theatre.

11/30 The National / Local Natives / Wye Oak @ Neptune Theatre :: Doors at 7:00 PM :: Tickets are SOLD OUT :: All Ages

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