Free Show of the Night: Built to Spill at the Showbox

In our opinion, Built to Spill is one of the absolute best bands the Pacific Northwest has ever produced. Doug Martsch’s obscure lyrical wit, boyish vocals, “guitar god” status and mysterious public persona makes us smile on a daily basis. When we’re not listening to BTS or his excellent, slide-guitar heavy one and only solo album, we’re wishing we could be listening to him live. Well, actually those to activities usually overlap quite a bit, as you might expect.

As you would imagine, Christmas has come early for us this year as Martsch, a noted once (and future?) Seattleite, is bringing his Boise band to town tonight. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the show also features a set from Thao + Mira and a DJ set from everyone’s favorite KEXP personality John Richards “the amazing Cheryl Waters [who] will be filling in for the very ill John Richards tonight!” (Feel better, John!)

Oh yeah…And it’s FREE! Head to the Showbox tonight for all live experience. But first, be sure to head over to the event’s eventbrite page to RSVP for the free tickets as part of Rhapsody’s 10th Anniversary Blow-Out! Doors at 8 p.m.

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