Best of Seattle Live Music [Weekend Edition]: Orca Team, Seattle Folk Festival + Other Lives

As we often say, there’s an overabundance of great live music options in Seattle. And we mean that in the best way possible. To help you prioritize what shows are the most worthy of your attention, we look through the calendars of our favorite venues and those of a few local listings sites to pick out the Hope Diamonds in the group amongst a usual pile of gems.

With a handful of great shows in the next 72 hours, this weekend is not-surprisingly no exception. Read on for our top picks.

Friday – Orca Team

Who says surf rock is just for the warm months? Check out one Seattle’s best purveyors of beach tunes Orca Team at the Rendezvous (Get there early for Wimps. Shimmering Stars headline. Doors at 10 pm. $7)

Saturday – Seattle Folk Festival

Folk overload at the Columbia City Theater! The Seattle Folk Festival boasts an impressive line-up including Bryan John Appleby, Riley Baugus, Pharis & Jason Romero, Sean Flinn & The Royal We, Brother Bear, Ben Fisher, Alina Hardin, Annie Ford & Greg Paul, Youth Rescue Mission, and more more more! Check out the online mix the fine festival folks have put together for your listening pleasure below. The festival goes from 12/9 through 12/11 in venues across the city. Full details at

Sunday – Other Lives

Our favorite ambitious ambient folk acts on an epic and stripped-down scale, respectively, Other Lives and JBM play the Tractor.

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