Our Top Ten Favorite Musician Quotes from SEA live MUSIC Year One

Exactly one year ago, SEA live MUSIC ceased to be just something that lived in our minds to something that lives on our computers, your smartphones and our moms’ lists of “favorite sites.” Some 238 posts later, we’re 365 days older and more in tune with the nearly infinite reasons that make Seattle one of the best music cities of all time.

Over the past year, we were lucky enough to interview some of our favorite musicians passing through town, more than a few who call our fine city home.

Without further ado, scroll down the page and take a stroll down memory lane with our favorite out-of-context quotes from the past year.

I grew up with a big sister… I probably would choose him as a big brother…if he and I were enrolled in the Big Brother Big Sister program. – D. Crane of BOAT Dresses Like His Idols, Talks to Us

I didn’t have a lot of luck, but I did manage to get one song in MTV’s the Real World where one of my songs plays over two girls fighting in a hot tub! – A Symphony on a Small Stage: An Interview with Lost in the Trees

Mountain people can get pretty weird. – Some Words with Psychedelic Folk Rockers The Fling

A lot of the inspiration really came from my brain failing me and coming to terms with the shabby mind I’ve been given. – Beyond “The Silver Lining”: An Interview with Grant Olsen of Gold Leaves

The troll was very polite and attentive. Although I’m not sure how into my set he was since he never sang along despite multiple requests. – An Interview with Fishboy, Columbia City Theater’s Saturday Night Party Starter

Most Seattle bands are too tough for us. Any individual member of any band from Seattle could beat up our entire band.An Interview with Tonight’s Featured Act, The Features

I haven’t had to eat ramen once on this tour, people sing a long every night, and when it is all done, I don’t have to sleep in the car. I am as happy as can be. – A Few Words with Astronautalis, Playing Vera Project on Friday

I think as I get older, I can appreciate a good turn of phrase or melodic hook, regardless of the context or delivery. – Discussing Blessings, Curses and Everything in Between with Chris Collingwood

Autumn is the heaviest season for me. I feel the relief of summer and still, the weight of phantom school.Optimism, Broken Glasses and School Days: An Interview with Matt Pond PA

The next year I found a job scooping ice cream and things steadily improved from there. As of this moment I count myself supremely lucky for my friendships and experiences in Seattle. – Brainy Feelings Music and the Perfect Tuna Salad: An Interview with Eric Anderson (of Cataldo)

A huge thank you to all of the musicians who have been kind enough to take time out of their long drives and busy schedules to talk with us. And of course, thank you to you, our readers, for your support over the past year. Here’s to a great Year Two!

***As always, you can find our interviews by clicking on, well, the word “interview” on the sidebar.***

2 Comments to “Our Top Ten Favorite Musician Quotes from SEA live MUSIC Year One”

  1. Congrats on a successful first year!!!

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