Bryan John Appleby at Neumos = A Must See Show + Another Reason to Watch That Video

Rarely ones to miss an opportunity to offer (an often unsolicited) recommendation to our friends about what videos they really “need” to see, it should come as no surprise that Christian Sorensen Hansen‘s name is a part of a majority of said conversations.

The days when we actually have a chance to point people to one of Christian’s videos organically rank among our favorites. As luck has it (as you likely have already guessed), today is one such day.

Bryan John Appleby, the Seattle-based purveyor of “indie-folk tinged Americana” and star of what is quite possibly Christian’s most visually stunning video yet (below), will be playing Neumos tonight as part of the one of the best all-local shows we’ve yet to see this year.

Be sure to get there early to see the young, self-described “baroque pop” band Tomten who will take the stage before Appleby and be sure to stick around for the smoothly constructed, bluesy pop songs of Motopony.

Cliffs Along The Sea from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.

1/12 Motopony, Bryan John Appleby, Tomtem @ Neumos :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: $8 :: 21+

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