Ain’t Nothing to Mess With: Wu Tang Clan Tonight at Showbox SoDo

You’ve likely noticed that we recommend a lot of indie rock here at SLM. But shockingly, we actually listen to other genres too! Tonight’s show certainly falls outside of our normal recommendations.

The infamous hip-hop collaboration, Wu Tang Clan, is back in Seattle tonight. The group has recently had some scandalous PR with the release of FBI files on founding member of the group, Ol’ Dirty Bastard (a.k.a. Russell T. Jones, R.I.P.). Despite rumors of historical involvement “in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, carjackings, and other types of violent crimes,” Wu Tang Clan produces some masterfully crafted hip-hop anthems that will make you bob your head and shake your booty whether you’re a big fan of hip-hop or orchestral indie pop. If members of the group have included Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah, you know it’s going to be good.

All that said, we hope you got your tickets already because this party is sold out. But you don’t have to miss all the fun. The epic video below includes lots of diamonds, fur coats, scantily clad booties, dinosaurs and ninjas. We don’t think there will be any dinosaurs or ninjas at the show tonight.

1/25 Wu-Tang Clan / Black Knights / Reverend Burke / Champagne Champagne @ Showbox SoDo :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: SOLD OUT :: All Ages

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