For His Next Trick, Damien Jurado Reinvents Himself, Releases Album Tonight at Neptune

Soon after hearing Damien Jurado‘s new album Maraqopa, we thought to ourselves at what point would, or more likely had, Jurado tired of hearing some variation of the line “it turns out, old dogs can learn new tricks.” It is a sentiment, which is no doubt an overwhelmingly positive one, that has shown up in just about every article/post, conversation or off-hand critique we’ve seen, heard or witnessed, respectively.

Taking off from the comparatively subtle shift to baroque pop in his last album, Saint Bartlett, Maraqopa takes the surprise and wonder of unexpected reinvention a few flights higher by embracing a darker, psychedelic sound. Though not available to purchase until next Tuesday, the album is available as a stream on The A.V. Club. For the live experience, head over to the U-District tonight for the highly-anticipated album release show.

Jurado has enlisted the support of some pretty amazing openers, too. Grant Olsen’s Gold Leaves combines lush orchestration and quite possibly “one of the most flat-out pretty voices in contemporary indie rock.” As we said in our Gold Leaves interview from a few months back, Olsen and his fellow collaborators manage to create a sound that recalls simpler times with enough flourishes to firmly root itself in the here and now.

Bryan John Appleby, the Seattle-based purveyor of “indie-folk tinged Americana” and star of what is quite possibly Christian Sorensen Hansen’s most visually stunning video yet, will be kicking off the evening.

2/17 Damien Jurado / Gold Leaves / Bryan John Appleby @ Neptune Theatre :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: Tickets are $15 :: All Ages

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