Last Minute Suggestion: Go See Cataldo with Breathe Owl Breathe at the Tractor Tonight

Last month, we were lucky enough to interview Eric Anderson of Cataldo in advance of the album release for the band’s excellent third album, Prison Boxing. Excerpt below and click through to the full interview here.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Cataldo offers audio fare that falls somewhere between The Weakerthans and The Decemberists. Eric’s ability to craft (sometimes painfully) honest folk-tinged songs infused with clever wordplay and a strong dose of pop sensibilities has made Prison Boxing a regular musical accompaniment to our (sometimes mundane) daily routines.

The local band has made several appearances at our favorite venues these past months and tonight will take the stage before Breathe Owl Breathe at the Tractor.

2/23 Breathe Owl Breathe / Cataldo / Kendl Winter @ The Tractor :: Tickets are $12 :: Doors at 9:00 PM :: 21+

Excerpt from “Brainy Feelings Music and the Perfect Tuna Salad: An Interview with Eric Anderson

How would you say your approach to songwriting or maybe just the process of writing, arranging and recording has changed over the years?

It’s changed a great deal. The biggest change with “Prison Boxing” was the inclusion of bass and drums on almost every song. Our first two records are, for lack of a more accurate adjective, “folkier.” While occasionally quite ornately orchestrated they’re mostly built around a voice and acoustic guitar. This is, relatively speaking, a rocker. We also used recording studios for a couple days which was a new experience.

I keep a notebook of lyrical ideas (analogies, images, cool words, etc), little pegs I try to jam into musical holes. As far as the tunes I’ve historically started with a guitar, banjo, or piano. Beginning with this past record I have been writing melodies without tying them to a rhythm instrument early in the process. Filling those out in ways that surprise and excite me has been increasing challenging and rewarding. Growing disenchanted with strumming an acoustic guitar makes sense given I’ve been doing that more or less exclusively for 8 years and three records.

When we’ve written about Cataldo before we made the statement that your sound falls “somewhere between The Weakerthans and The Decemberists.” How far off were we in your mind?

I have not heard The Weakerthans but you’re in the right building with The Decemberists comparison. Pop music which is worth listening to because of the well-crafted lyrics.

How has Seattle treated you since you first moved here?

I moved to Seattle in summer 2008. I was terrible for a year as my relationship imploded and I ran out of money. The next year I found a job scooping ice cream and things steadily improved from there. As of this moment I count myself supremely lucky for my friendships and experiences in Seattle.

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