Elliott Brood Brings Energetic, Not-Easily-Classified Roots Rock to The Croc Tonight

Here at SEA live MUSIC, we have conflicting feelings about how “countrified” we like our rock. Sometimes we get turned off when what we’re listening to veers too far into twang territory, while other times we’ll feel right about home with Rockabilly, Americana, Alt-Country or any other “roots” variation of rock.

One band that got us to reconsider our preconceived predilections is tonight’s Crocodile headliner Elliott Brood. Marrying impassioned, raspy vocals with foot-stomping rhythms complete with impressive banjo finger-picking and eerie guitar tones, Elliott Brood plays that the type of music that’s been quite popular over the past few years but approach the sound through songs with strong narratives and raw, unbridled emotions.

If you’re intrigued, listen to a few tracks below and head over to The Croc tonight for the live experience.

2/28 Elliott Brood, The Pack AD @ The Croc, Doors at 8 pm, $10

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