Those “Charming” Men (and Woman): Fanfarlo at The Croc Tonight

“Is ‘charming’ a genre?” is how NPR began their First Listen feature on tonight’s Croc headliner and we wholeheartedly agree. Fanfarlo, the London-based band with a penchant for folk melodies and eclectic instrumentation, certainly has become tougher to describe in prose than it once was. Previously, we’d reach for a quick Beirut-reference if we were really pressed to describe their sound to our friends but even that somewhat-flimsy comparison falls hopelessly flat.

As NPR aptly explains, “the group splits the difference between two very different styles — sweetly shambling, occasionally orchestral pop and the wirier, less emotive rock sounds of bands like Talking Heads — with the common thread being its fundamentally approachable nature. This is hug-and-a-handshake music, as ingratiating as it is inspired.”

If you like how that sounds, or much more importantly how they actually sound once you’ve had a chance to spend some time with their music below, head over to The Crocodile for the live experience.

4/10 (Tuesday) – Fanfarlo, Gardens And Villa @ The Crocodile, 8pm, $15.50 incl taxes

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