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April 13, 2012

Bring The Week Home with BOAT: Tonight’s Best Bet [Ballard Birthday Bash!]

Whether you know us personally or have spent any amount of time on our blog, there’s a good chance you know that BOAT has become one of our absolute favorite bands over the past five years.

As we’ve proclaimed on this blog before, the band’s legendary (in our book) 2008 performance with Fishboy and Tullycraft at the Sunset still ranks among our all-time favorite concerts.

To us, the band perfectly marries D. Crane’s Malkmus-esque delivery of cleverly goofy yet often oddly profound lyrics with indie pop rock instrumentation. Their live shows take the experience to the next level as the guys consistently remind the audience why they’re one of the most highly-regarded optimists in the rock game today.

If you’re a fellow BOAT fan or just looking for the best live music option of the evening, head over to Ballard for a night you won’t soon forget. As an added bonus, tonight’s show is in celebration of Tall Chris’ 30th birthday. While we can’t say we know who Tall Chris is, we wish him a great birthday and you a fine night of live music as well.

4/13 BOAT, Bottomless Pit, Police Teeth and The Bismarck @ Sunset, Doors at 9pm, Show at 10pm, $10

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