Jeff Mangum, My Goodness + More: The Best Shows in Seattle This Week

Our top picks this week.

4/16 (Monday) – Jeff Mangum @ Moore Theatre

Heart-wrenching and often beautiful experimental-folk masterpieces from the J.D. Salinger of indie rock.

4/18 (Wednesday) – My Goodness @ Barboza

Powerful blues-rock from one of Seattle’s most dexterously muscular duos.

4/19 (Thursday) – Perfume Genius @ The Crocodile

Heart-wrenching and often beautiful minimalist, piano-driven masterpieces from a local favorite.

4/20 (Friday) – Horse Feathers @ Barboza

Rustic and often beautiful folk tunes of discomfort and despair from sweet-voiced Portlandians.

4/21 (Saturday) – Caveman @ Barboza

Harmony heavy, twinkling indie rock from promising young Brooklynites.

Head over to our calendar page for the full rundown.

As always, keep your eyes on the main page as we’ll be posting day-of previews for these shows and more.

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