Last Minute Show Recommendation: Tennis at The Croc Tonight

Since Cape Dory came out in January 2011, hardly a day went by that calendar year when we didn’t listen to Tennis‘ excellent debut. Recalling the Denver husband and wife duo’s maritime adventures during an extended sailing jaunt along the Atlantic seaboard, the album has no doubt taken a special place in the hearts of those who have fond memories or maybe even just aspirations of lazy afternoons spent out on the water.

The band’s sophomore effort, which was released some 13 months after their debut, was met with acclaim from critics and fans alike, some admittedly missing the nautical theme, others welcoming broader subjects. In addition, the latest album Young & Old is notable for the fact it was produced by Patrick Carney of Black Keys, a move which no doubt fleshed out the band’s sound and sonic approach significantly.

Whether you were lucky enough to catch the band live before, perhaps at the band’s two performances at Bumbershoot 2011, or not, we highly recommend heading to the Croc to hear the band’s sweet vocals and impressive surf guitar for yourself.

4/26 Tennis, Wild Belle, Pacific Pride @ The Crocodile, 8 pm, $13.50 incl fees

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