Re-live Your Not-So-Distant Youth with Ben Kweller at Neumos Saturday

We’d guess anyone who’s been in college or of college age or has spent any significant amount of time with someone in one of the first two categories in the past decade is familiar with Ben Kweller, in at least a cursory kind of way. The Austin singer-songwriter’s become something of a legend for his song “Wasted & Ready,” which for better or worse, became the anthem of many teens and twenty-somethings since its release in 2002.

Since that time, Ben’s been pounding out the albums that explore different aspects of his power-pop loving-, usually upbeat singer-songwriter sensibilities. 2009’s appropriately-titled Changing Horses saw Ben introducing slide guitar and other elements you’d expect from his Texas upbringing while retaining the brand of bittersweet fun that’s been his trademark since his early days as an on-stage teenage Weezer enthusiast. This past February, Ben put out his fifth album that falls back to his straight-ahead power-pop-infused roots and adds maturity through broader instrumentation and richer harmonies

Whether you’re a longtime fan or are just looking for something to break your Netflix addiction, we encourage you to head over to Neumos Saturday for a fun night you won’t soon forget.

4/28 Ben Kweller, Sleeper Agent, Noah Gundersen @ Neumos, Doors at 9:15 pm, $16 in advance

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