The Best Live Music in Seattle This Week

Our top picks this week.

5/1 (Tuesday) – Lambchop @ Tractor

A genre-defying blend of jazz, country and more experimentation from legendary Nashville speak-singer Kurt Wagner

5/2 (Wednesday) – Washed Out @ Neptune

Hazy pop electronica expands to fill one of the city’s best revived venues

5/3 (Thursday) – Benjamin Francis Leftwich @ The Croc

Contemplative acoustic pop from a young, but rapidly embraced English singer-songwriter

5/4 (Friday) – Delta Spirit @ Neumos

Raw, folk-infused rock from the lauded San Diego band fronted by former busker and emotive lyricist, Matthew Vasquez

5/5 (Saturday) – Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Neumos

Retro-leaning rock from Portland-based psychedelic pop enthusiasts

5/6 (Sunday) – Torn ACLs @ Neumos

Usually simple, often goofy and always fun Seattle pop rock

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