A Night of New Directions and Old Themes: Delta Spirit at Neumos Tonight

Much like Damien Jurado‘s drastic evolution with Maraqopa and J. Tillman’s creative rebirth as Father John Misty, tonight’s Neumos headliners had grown so tired with the over-abundance of “folk” references from critics, fans and everyone in between they decided to try something new.

According to Delta Spirt‘s press materials, the pigeon-holing was especially jarring to the band as they never set out to be a band who would attract broad descriptors like “rootsy Americana” or “twangy folk.”

The band, fronted by “former unabashedly vocal busker,” Matt Vasquez, just released their third album that attempts to thoughtfully and gradually strip away those elements that attracted such terminology in the first place. According to lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Winrich, “the intention was to introduce the album with something that hints at what we used to sound like. We wanted to ease people into it.”

If the mostly positive reviews are to believed, they’ve certainly succeeded. As Consequence of Sound aptly puts it, “Delta Spirit’s breadth still demonstrates a natural quantum leap from their earlier work, and the band itself is stronger for it.”

Whether you’re a fan of their older sound, are curious about the new one or are just up for a night of high-energy rock that walks the fine line between unbridled passion and control, head over to Neumos tonight for what will promises to be one of the best Seattle shows of the month.

5/4 Delta Spirit, Waters, Tijuana Panthers @ Neumos, Doors at 8 pm, $13

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