Herd on the Hill: Roaming Herds of Buffalo CD Release at Barboza Tonight

As anyone who’s spent any amount of time on this blog likely knows, we’re fans of goofy, pop rock. While we’re obviously biased we’d argue Seattle has some of the best bands in this category including the reigning champions of “sloppy pop” BOAT. Luckily for us and you, another band has risen from the ashes of Skeletons with Flesh on Them and proudly takes that band’s place in the PacNw pantheon of pop greatness.

Roaming Herds of Buffalo is a brand new band dreamed up and fronted by Scott Roots with support from his fun-loving, talented friends from other local bands like the Torn ACLs.

In advance of the band’s CD release show at Barboza tonight, Scott was kind enough to talk to us a bit about the band’s first video.

Watch the video, scroll through interview and head over to the newest basement venue in town for the in-person experience.

5/9 Roaming Herds Of Buffalo, Quiet Ones and Hounds of the Wild Hunt @ Barboza, Doors at 8 pm, $10

Poppy nihilism isn’t a term we’d ever thought about writing until hearing the song. How far off are we here?

I think you’re right on the money!

What’s the song really about?

I was imagining the universe like an ocean, with people living on the ocean floor. Eventually everything that ever existed would float down on them. As they reinterpreted the falling debris they would create a new world of meaning. So they would take dead things and make them alive again. It’s a happy song after all!

What made you decide you wanted to share the starring role of your first video with the dancing undead?

Actually I didn’t want a starring role, hence all the zombies! I am clearly the worse actor possible.

It looked like you guys had a lot of fun making the video. True or are you all just really good actors?

We did have a lot of fun. Doing the macarena 100 times, while wearing blood-splattered clothes, is just plain fun.

Tell us about the album cover. What exactly’s going on there. We haven’t been able to figure out.

That’s a good question. Looks like some very hip monsters on a strange planet headed to a costume ball. The artist is Darin Shuler, by the way. Check out his flickr page for more of his work, it’s so effing good!

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